MSMG Toolkit v13.2

Name: Toolkit_v13.2.7z
Size: 27236119 bytes (25 MB)
SHA1: 3f0299050efaa8521ef1c339d5d9bd4b3fb5708a 

MSMG Toolkit Packs

MSMG Toolkit Packs contains Windows Localization Packs, Feature Packs, Feature-on-Demand Packs, Add-on Packs


Now, you can donate to Toolkit development with PayPal payment system.


Due to recent takedown of Toolkit's primary Mega account, all the Toolkit Pack contents has been lost.
So, from now on only Toolkit's custom packs will be available, the rest of pack files the user needs to get themselves and copy them to the respective packs folders as specified by the Toolkit error messages.

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