Localization Packs Integration

Integrate Windows/WinPE Language Packs, Language Features Packs and Localize your Windows Installation.

Drivers Integration

Integrate device drivers into the Windows Installation image and Windows Installation Boot image (Boot.wim).

Import and integrate Host PC drivers into the Windows Installation image.

Feature Packs Integration

Integrate Windows Feature Packs, Feature on Demand (FOD's) Packs, Inbox Apps, Add-on Packs.

Updates Integration

Integrate updates and service packs.

Component Removal

Reduce Windows footprint by removing unwanted components of your choice and simplify your installation time and free up drive space.


Customize Windows look and feel with custom cursors, themes and skin packs.

Automate Windows Installation

Automate Windows Setup by adding settings for each of the Windows Setup pages to your unattended Setup answer file. When a setting for a Windows Setup page is configured, Windows Setup skips that page

Deploy Windows Image

Deploy Windows installation image either in .WIM/.ESD format through USB/DVD media.